Robert Wintner is the nom de plume (et de la guerre) of Snorkel Bob’s, Hawaii’s largest reef outfitter and only mask, fin and snorkel manufacturer–designing, developing  and engineering the best reef experience available. His five marine volumes show reef society and personalities, narrating conservation victories and politics. As Executive Director of the Snorkel Bob Foundation, he is dedicated to reef recovery and the global campaign to ban the aquarium trade; “It’s all one reef.”

Wintner’s twenty books include fiction and memoir, well reviewed, optioned for film rights and recognized for excellence.

Reef photography rounds out the opus with four volumes on reef culture and characters of Palau, Hawaii, the Great Reef, the Virgins, Fiji, the Tahiti and Cuba. A fifth volume, Dragon Walk will link reef health and politics in Indonesia, the Philippines and Hawaii.

The sum of these parts comprises a reef conservationist with a gifted eye for composition, focus and insight. Wintner is heard across the Hawaiian Islands and around the world.

His short fiction has appeared in Hawaii Review (University of Hawaii) and Sports Illustrated. His historical novel, In a Sweet Magnolia Time was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and a PEN/Faulkner Award. Los Angeles production companies optioned his sailing novel Whirlaway and the motorcycle adventure The Modern Outlaws for film rights.

Wintner lives on Maui with Anita, Cookie and Larry. His writing draws on real time experience, combining decades on the high seas and below the surface with a literary style honed to efficiency. A California Closing, Where market value looks moxie in the eye, and all parties sign off, will be out this July. Reefdog, coming in September, is an adventure romance of Hawaii and Polynesia with fishy values and will be Wintner’s sixteenth novel.


Wintner has worked against the aquarium trade in Hawaii and around the world for  years. He is known in Hawaii business for media substance that entertains, and he uses his professional skills to conserve Hawaii reefs.

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