A California Closing

A California Closing is a lifestyle adventure with views, views, views of the biggest ocean in the world and insight to Big M OK Used Car magnate Michael Mulroney, who gets leveraged beyond his means, but won’t surrender with a whimper. Mulroney lives at the top, naturally, on instinct, wit and the will to win. Insolvency is not the same as poverty; poverty is for poor people, and a man of proven dexterity is not poor. Challenge is part of life!

In the mix is a pert, thin wife a tad sloshed and cold—not cold in the womanly sense but cold to the bone, because this is not Hawaii. If the house sells, the Mulroneys can move, if a marriage can endure the process.

Turning to other views, the neighbors seek solace in each other, along with understanding of the world they share, at one with comfort and innerconnectedness. The sunshine matrix crumples on a few speed bumps, but the players are winners who know the moves, if only something could ease them through the gridlock.

RW-mug-1Robert Wintner is a marine and sea life enthusiast and photographer with four reef photo and narrative books. He is an advocate for marine species and habitat, focused on ending the marine aquarium trade around the world. He lives on Maui with his wife Anita, Cookie the dog, Elizabeth the chicken and the cats: Larry, Sambo, Yoyo, Buck, Inez, Rocky, and Tootsie. Soon after sailing to Hawaii in 1983 he became Snorkel Bob, Himself.

Snorkel Bob’s is Hawaii’s only designer, developer and manufacturer of masks, fins and snorkels built to world-class specs for Snorkel Bob shops across Hawaii and at www.snorkelbob.com. Snorkel Bob’s strives to deliver the best reef experience for locals and tourists around the world.

Wintner’s dives have encompassed reef culture and creatures of Palau, the Great Reef, the Virgin Islands, Fiji, Tahiti, Cuba, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii. He credits his camera eye to reef love with focus, insight and personal engagement. Reef Libre, an In-Depth Look at Cuban Exceptionalism & Last, Best Reefs in the World showcases reef family values in underwater images and cultural life above sea level.

Wintner has worked against the aquarium trade in Hawaii and globally for years. The Snorkel Bob Foundation advocates, speaks out and underwrites litigation for marine mammals, turtles, reef habitat and species, with a vow to continue. “It’s a long march. We have no choice but to take the next step.”

Robert Wintner has also authored 16 novels and story collections, both fiction and memoir, all well reviewed, some optioned for film rights. His four marine volumes show reef society and personalities while narrating conservation politics victories and setbacks. Wintner’s writing draws on real time experience, combining decades on the high seas and below the surface with a literary style honed to excite and entertain.

His new novel is REEFDOG. Ravi Rockulz is a dive leader in Hawaii with good friends, good times and romance. But something is amiss when rapid development displaces the old magic. An unexpected heartthrob leads to sudden growth with a breakup and attempted murder. It’s enough to push a guy out of his rut: Tahiti calls, untrammeled and pure. Rediscovering reef love with a keen and open heart, he finds artistic expression through aquatic life and social order. In compelling portraiture he rediscovers the vibrancy and abundance long gone from Hawaii reefs.

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